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Cosmetic Dentistry

Design Your Dream Smile

At Somerville Dental Center we understand that everyone’s teeth are different!

In order to create the perfect brace for you, we incorporate high-end 3D cone-beam CT and 3D diagnostic information into all of our sessions.

Treatment Conference

Information around your treatment will be summarized for you during a one-on-one session with one of our specialist dentists in a separate appointment called a treatment conference.

The treatment conference is:

  • Typically around one hour long
  • Case details will be discussed as well as the risks, benefits, and alternatives treatments.

Treatment Package

Our comprehensive treatment includes:

  • Airway, Sinus and TMJ Analyses
  • Oral Cavity Analyses and Nerve Mapping

Schedule an appoitment today to see where we can take your smile!

Why Choose Dr. Butt Orthodontics?

Our Expertise

Dr. Butt strives to offer patients both top of the line technologies and excellent service.


Come in for a complimentary first visit to address your orthodontic needs.